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6 Fundamental Rules for Dating After A Break-up

6 Fundamental Rules for Dating After A Break-up


Dating after a break-up can be challenging, but there are strategies that make the process more manageable. If you’ve gone through a recent break-up, then these tips will help you re-enter the dating world.


Dating can help you move past the break-up and is the first step to finding a new love.


Try these strategies:


  1. Stay connected. Your friends and family can help you find someone new. They can also help you navigate dating and answer questions. Things may have changed since the last time you went on a date. They can also help keep you safe by introducing you to people they know and would be a good fit.


  1. Avoid being desperate. If you’re tired of being alone, then it may be difficult to wait for someone. However, you don’t want to compromise and get into a bad dating situation with someone who is a bad fit.


  1. Forget the excuses. It’s easy to come up with excuses to avoid dating: You’re tired, you’re not ready, you’re too old, you’re worried about your ex’s feelings, or you’re scared about the children’s reaction.


  1. Make the first move to start dating again. Once you just get started, you’ll see your life transform for the better. This can range from signing up for a dance class to accepting a friend’s invitation to a party. Pay attention to the world around you, you’ll notice dating opportunities in new places. Dating is like exercise because both require a commitment but can produce great results.


  1. Consider online dating. If the last time you went on a date was decades ago, you may want to explore new options.


  • There are multiple online dating websites, and some of them cater to niche hobbies or jobs. It’s important to explore all of the choices before you sign up. Be aware that the smaller your hometown, the less effective online dating is so you might need to be willing to date people located in different cities.


  1. Keep your children out of your dating life. Although it may be tempting to involve them and ask their opinions, your children don’t need to be a part of it until you find someone who is a candidate to be a long-term partner. It can be traumatizing for children.




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