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7 Dating Tips for Dealing With Dating Jitters after Divorce.  

7 Dating Tips for Dealing With Dating Jitters after Divorce.  


Confidence in one aspect of life doesn’t translate to another area of life. You might negotiate million dollar deals at work without breaking a sweat, but that doesn’t mean you’re as confident in your love life. Dating is especially challenging to your confidence, especially after a break-up or divorce


Even if you discover you’re not interested in the other person, it’s a little unsettling to be rejected. Dating can be hard on the ego.


Enhance your dating confidence and enjoy your dates with these strategies:


  1. Have a pre-date routine. Leave nothing to chance. You have a routine that you follow before going to work. Have routine that you follow before a date.


  • Pick out your clothes well in advance. You don’t want to find out you’re missing one black sock or a button at the last minute.
  • Put gas in your car earlier in the day. You can be sure the gas station will be packed if you need gas immediately before your date.
  • Leave yourself plenty of time. Getting ready for your date shouldn’t be the last thing you do before leaving the house. Plan on doing some non-essential activity before your date, such as like watching TV or making a shopping list. If you run out of time, you can drop the non-essential activity.
  • Map out your destination the night before. Do you know how to get there?
  • These are just a few examples. Create your own routine and stick to it. A routine will help with pre-date jitters.


  1. Keep your purpose in mind. What are you trying to accomplish? If you’re searching for the man or woman of your dreams, it’s not necessary to appeal to everyone you date. You only need to have the right person find you appealing. You’re trying to find the right person, not trying to appeal to everyone that crosses your path.


  • Treat each date as an investigation to determine if you want to see the other person again. If they don’t want to go on a second date, they aren’t the right person. Take the pressure off. You’re there to meet someone new and find out more about them. It has nothing to do with your value.


  1. Remember that your date is nervous, too. It’s challenging to be 100% confident on a date. Of course, you’re a little nervous, but your date is just as nervous. Do what you can to put your date at ease. You’ll feel in control of the situation, and your date will appreciate it!
  2. It takes practice. Confidence comes from experience. Go out as much as you can. Dating once a week will result in a higher level of confidence than going on three dates a year. Get out of the house and mingle.
  • Get online, create a dating profile, and make as many coffee dates as you can cram into a month. You’ll be a master at small talk after 10 first dates. Start today. 
  1. Visualize success. Imagine yourself acting confidently on your date: You never run out of things to say. You’re witty, clever, and confident. Your date is interested in everything you have to say. You both have a wonderful time.
  2. Tell yourself that you’re confident. When you’re feeling nervous, keep repeating to yourself that you’re confident. Avoid leaving any room for negative thoughts to enter your mind. “I’m confident and my date thinks I’m amazing.” Say it.


  1. Tell yourself it’s okay if something goes wrong. Wine glasses get knocked over, restaurants lose reservations, orders are incorrect.  How you handle life’s little inconveniences is a measure of your character.  Let yourself relax and have a good time even if something goes wrong.  Many couples have disastrous first dates and go on to have successful long term relationships.  Bag things happening can be bonding.


No one is confident all the time. Accept a little nervousness. Anxiety is part of the dating process. Your date is nervous, too. Create a pre-date routine and remove most of the guesswork. Visualize success and remember to have fun. Use the date as an opportunity to find out more about the other person. Don’t sweat it if something goes wrong.



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