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Do you suspect the person you are dating or are in a long-term relationship with is emotionally unavailable? Worse yet, have you been called, “emotionally unavailable?”

Relationships need emotional intimacy to survive.

Unfortunately, many couples struggle and eventually separate because one or both of the partners aren’t able to express emotional intimacy. The cycle of bad relationships isn’t going to end unless you address this issue.

Dating an emotionally unavailable partner is exhausting and hurtful; a long-term relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner can be disheartening and unfulfilling.

Don’t let this be you.

If you’re tired of being told that emotional unavailability is a relationship death sentence than this two-part, easy-to-read book will not only help you to understand and recognize emotional unavailability, it will help you find the solution.

The Cure for Emotional Unavailability will help you:

• Discover the reason why people become emotionally unavailable.
• Recognize the REAL signs of emotional unavailability and separate fact from fiction.
• Understand both the passive and aggressive types of emotional unavailability.
• Learn about the differences in behavior between dating an emotionally unavailable partner and having a long-term relationship with one.
• Become emotionally aware.
• Learn practical ways to practice self-compassion.
• Learn how to deal with defense mechanisms.
• Stop your thoughts from controlling you.
Embrace your value and experience healthy relationships.

It is possible for you to discover the source of emotional unavailability, heal and have positive, successful relationships.

Buy a copy today and start healing the relationships that matter to you.


Stella Smith is inspiring others to overcome the things that are preventing them from experiencing positive relationships. As a speaker, author, and Life coach she helps people quickly identify and resolve areas in their life that need change.

Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Rational Emotive Behavioral Life Coach
Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach
Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator
Certified Life Purpose Life Coach
Certified Goal to Success Life Coach
Certified Public Speaking Training & Facilitator
Certified NLP Master Practitioner

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