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Life Coaching


I’m Certified Life Coach Stella Smith.  I’m available for life coaching sessions by phone or Zoom.  

Life coaching online or by phone is convenient and effective.

All of my coaching sessions are conducted over the phone or on Zoom.   This gives you the ability to schedule sessions without having to consider drive time and traffic. Since face-to-face meetings aren’t required, you can work with me no matter where you live. With long-distance savings plans, life coaching by phone is more economical than in-person sessions.

Successful coaching sessions are based on effective communication.  During telephone coaching, we’re able to bypass many of the normal social graces and quickly get down to business. Sometimes clients feel more comfortable face to face.  For that reason, I offer sessions over zoom. Its a platform most people are comfortable with

Virtual Life coaching is less expensive than face-to-face coaching.   The cost of doing business is significantly reduced through coaching sessions over the phone or on Zoom. I’m able to offer clients the same quality service at lower rates through telephone coaching than I could if an office and receptionist were required to support face-to-face sessions.

Life coaching by phone or Zoom is comfortable.   You are able to participate in coaching sessions in an environment that you find comfortable and safe. You control the surroundings. This minimizes distractions for you and assures you are focused on the work at hand.

Feeling hesitant or nervous about attending coaching sessions?  This is a common initial reaction. Most people quickly get the hang of it. But if you’re unsure, why not try one of my self-help courses?

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